Saturday, 28 January 2017

Finish 7 By Spring

I am going to do this project again, but a bit differently. I don't think I'll do any updates, just the final results. If I'm making great progress, maybe I'll do an update, or maybe half way through. What do you guys think?

So here we go!

(Insert Picture Here) <- Pretend there's a picture. I've been doing this project for a month now and so if I took a new picture, since the one I was going to post is crap, it wouldn't be right. BUT watch for the updates and you'll see the products.

A returning item from the last project I did in the fall of 2015 (OMG seriously, I didn't project pan at all in 2016? Oops.):

Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist - it's back! It just will not die! This is going this round.

The new things:

Always Loved by My Daughter Fragrances - I'm still working on the never ending perfume samples. As I can't wear this at work, I only put one in this time. Notes are: Bulgarian rose oil, Turkish rose absolute, Bitter cocoa absolute, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Cedar.

Angel by MAC Cosmetics - This was a bad decision when I bought it. I wanted a nude, I got a washed out baby pink that makes me look like Barbie. I'm going to use it up and add it to the Back to MAC pile I've started.

Suburbia Mineral Eyeshadow by Brazen - A loose chocolate brown shadow. It has sparkles in it in the pot and as soon as you pack it on the lid, but as soon as you start blending, they all fall out. I've been using it with UD's Naked Palette.

Glam Naturals Mascara - Again, the never ending black mascara samples. I'm probably going to have one in each project.

Cynthia Rowley Eye Liner in Black - This is another thing that will probably be in every project. I have enough black pencil liners to last me 10 years.

Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel - I bought this a long time ago when I had oily skin. Now I'm just trying to use it up. My dry skin drinks it, so it shouldn't take long.

So let's see how I do this time. Hopefully, I do better than I have in the past.

PS I'm also doing a Project Polish and #365daysofempties but I'm only posting them on my Instagram. Come follow me! 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Good Morning 2017 ☀️!

Hello world! It's time for another year and for me to make goals that I never seem to finish.

I'm getting married this year and I want to look my best, feel my best, and be my best me.

My goals this year are:

Project pan like crazy and get rid of a ton of makeup, skincare and haircare. I have tons of all three and I don't need or use it all. I barely wear makeup as it is, what's the point of having twenty different shades of red lipstick.

Build a capsule wardrobe. I have lots of clothes I never wear, but I find myself saying "I have nothing to wear!"  I want to have about 25 pieces per season that I love and that's it. 100 pieces I can just pull out of the closet and throw on and feel awesome. I'm going to start by finding a great pair of black dress pants. I already have a black blazer, so I'm half way to a great suit, right?

Gain the last 5 pounds and build muscle. Increase my upper body strength. I'm wearing a strapless dress. The guns gotta look good!

I'll start with that and see how I do in the first month or so. Wish me luck!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from my little family to yours!

Hopefully, you'll see more from me this year than you did last. 
I'm going to be doing a few new things and not doing most of what I tried to do last year.

Stay Tuned!
<3 Max