Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Lifestyle Revival

Today was Day One of trying to get my life back. It was a rocky start as I had to cut my workout short, to make supper, to get back to work after being off for four hours. I didn't get time to eat my morning snack either. I'm hoping tomorrow will go better. 

I really hope tomorrow isn't another workout with lots of leg stuff. I could barely walk after today's. 


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Long time no chat

I wish I had some awesome news or anything new to talk about but I don't really. I've been working so much I haven't had time to do any posts.

I'm going to cancel ipsy in December, you won't see anymore of those posts. I'm going to do empties seasonally from now on. I just don't have enough to do it monthly.

The wedding planning is almost complete. Just a few little things left to do.

Hopefully you'll hear from me again before Christmas.


Monday, 18 July 2016

Another Monday Update.

As you can tell, life has been a bit crazy and I just don't have the time to write much anymore. I'm hoping in the near future that I'll have to time, but we're short at work and I'm just so exhausted when I get home.

Today is my first REAL day off from all kinds of work/socializing stuff, hence the post. I am an introvert, and I write when I finally get alone time. I'm just writing this to say "Hey! I'm still alive". Now off to do some housework.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Lazy Monday Update

Lazy being the operative word in that title. Honestly, I had put Sunday instead of Monday, that's how my week was last week. Thankfully, this is going to be a short work week, but a busy personal week.

Hubby is in a wedding this weekend, so he's going to be super busy with that. I've got a lovely purple dress to wear and I'm wearing the same shoes from our engagement shoot. I'm hoping to put some pics up on Instagram when I get the edits. Don't follow me there? Come hang out!

Thursday night I'm going to Paint Nite with a friend, which I'm really excited about. The painting we picked out has lots of blue tones so hopefully it'll go nicely in our bedroom. One of these times, I have to get someone to do one of the pair nights where the two painting go together. I think that would be great over our bed.

Most of the Spring it rained. That's one reason that I haven't been posting. I use natural light for my photos, and well, there's been only a few nice days to take pictures and I'm been away doing things outside on those nice days. I'm hoping now that summer is here and the sun lasts longer in the day, I can catch up on posts.

I didn't do Finish 6 By Summer. I found that I wasn't wearing much makeup in my Spring project so I decided not to bother with the Summer one. I am going to do the Fall one though. It'll be mostly not makeup I'm thinking, so we'll see if it goes better. I am going to try and start using more make up though, since I have way too much that I don't use. Maybe I'll do a ten pan of the make up, and maybe that will push me to use it more often. It's just so hard when you get up at 4:30 AM and don't really do anything but work and stay home.

My Project Polish was a failure. I just don't paint my nails enough to bother with it. I can only paint my nails for two days of the week and that's not enough to get through any polish. Maybe if I wear get a job where I can actually paint my nails, I'll start it again.

Wedding planning is so much! I'm just at the point where I need to pick vendors and such. We've got our theme and our venue and food picked out. We're just going to do iPod music, maybe use Spotify. The dress hunt has started. I still have to finish asking my half of the bridal party, Hubby has his already. Hair and make up are covered. The only problem we're having is actually picking a day. It will be summer but where Hubby is in the Navy, we have to wait to find out when he'll be home. So once that's picked, I can get on the hunt for a cake and flowers. Most of the decor, I'll be doing myself, so that'll be easy.

So there's my life update. All before breakfast. My coffee is cold now, so time to finish that and make a new one and to have some breakfast. Hopefully in the coming weeks, I'll be all caught up on beauty posts and I can start doing some foodie posts and all of that.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Finish 7 By Spring - Update 2

Time for another update!

This body spray will not go anywhere!

Florence is about half gone. Haven't even started the other one.

Even more pan on the shadow!

It's slow progress on the lip pencil but it's going!

About half done with the gloss!

I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish anything else in this project. :( I might have to put things on hold or keep going into the summer. That sucks.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Green Smoothie

Awhile ago my doctor told me that I needed more veggies in my diet and just more calories in general. So I started making more smoothies. This is my current green smoothie that we've been drinking either for breakfast or a snack.

Recipe makes 2 smoothies.

  • 1 cup Almond Milk - I've been trying out different brands and flavours. Usually it's unsweetened vanilla flavour. High in calcium and low in calories
  • 2 cups Spinach - the green part of the smoothie. I tried kale, but I don't like kale. At all. Also high in vitamins and potassium. Much needed in my diet.
  • 1 Avocado - another green part. The good fat. Also much needed.
  • 1 Banana - Potassium central! 
  • 1 cup Blueberries - Antioxidants! They're yummy too and quite easy for me to get.
  • 1 cup Pineapple - Full of energy making Manganese and Thiamin. When you get up at 4am everyday, you need all you can get!
  • 2 teaspoons of Ground Flax - Full of omega fatty acids which help with the heart and is an anti-inflammatory. I've bad knees, so this is a great thing.
  • 2 teaspoons of Ground Chia - Full of B vitamins and iron. Both of which I need like crazy!
  • 1 scoop of Protein Powder - Right now I'm using Banana flavoured. I switch it up though.
So I punched this all into MyFitnessPal and came up with these stats:

402         Calories
15g         Fat
1693mg   Potassium
67.5g      Carbs
15g         Fiber
23g         Sugars
24g         Protein
111.5%    Vitamin A
116%       Vitamin C
50%        Calcium
45%        Iron

I try to make all meals and snacks about 500 Calories mainly because I'm suppose to be eating about 5 times a day and about 2500 Calories. So this works pretty well. I freeze most of the fruit so that the smoothies are more frozen than liquidy. I tend to make them the night before then they're ready for the next morning. I don't want to wake the neighbours with the blender at 4am. 

Friday, 29 April 2016

January Empties

I purge in January and July. Some of my empties aren't actually empty, but dried up or just worn out.

I'm going to start with teas again. Still working through the calendar. I didn't really like any of these ones that much. 

I finished my purse floss and my home floss. It's floss, I'm not particular. 

Secret Clear Gel Antiperspirant in Cocoa Butter Kiss - I'm not a fan of gels. This was a free sample so I used it. I have another I'm working through.

Toe Spacers - I never used them so out they go.
Revlon Glass Nail File - It's wore out. Time to go.
Avril Lavigne Black Star - from a project.
Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in Penny - from a project.

Uberliss Rituoil - This smelled funny. I used it in my hair when I ran out of my hair oil. It was fine.
Origins Clear Improvement - I liked this but I have lots of scrubs and I don't really need a charcoal one.
Neutrogena All-In-One Wipes - These were ok, but I like the Kirkland ones better.

The Healing Garden Mandarin Body Lotion - Thank God this is gone. It took forever. I'm not a lotion girl and this was really thin.

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Smoother - This doesn't work but I figured that before I used it.

Jergens Moisturizer For Wet Skin - I don't understand why you need a lotion for wet skin verses dry skin. I just use any lotion when my skin's still damp.

Watermelon Lemonade from Bath and Body Works - my Dad really likes this candle so I'll keep my eye out for it this summer.

Now for the dried out products. Neither of these surprised me. The dreaded Be A Bombshell mascara that everyone hated and the Cailyn black liner. I opened it to use it and it's a rock. Disappointing.